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Speedcity - Remote Athletics Coaching Program APP

Speedcity - Remote Athletics Coaching Program APP

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With personalised coaching through Speedcity Coaching App, you get daily support in your training journey, ensuring that every aspect of your program is continuously aimed at furthering your progress toward your goals. With personalised remote coaching you will receive:

  • Custom weekly training programs with day to day training adjustments.
  • Weekly email or social media communication with your coach on training, technique, and development.
  • Assistance in managing your offseason and competitive season.
  • Access to submitting video of training and competition.
  • Personalised feedback before and after training sessions or competitions.
  • Access to training with our group at least once per month when you're able to attend our training sessions. (if applicable)
  • Assistance in attaining sponsorship or endorsements, dependent upon your level of competition.  (if applicable)

    Please note: payment is made on a per month basis. You will be invoice 30 days from the day you make your first monthly payment.

    After registering and making payment, you will be contacted by us to provide the details about what type of training you need. From there, we will immediately get started on designing your program and get it sent to you as soon as possible!