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Speedcity's Custom Coaching and Training Program

Speedcity's Custom Coaching and Training Program

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With custom training programs from Speedcity Academy, you get high quality training programs designed specifically for you and your goals. With custom training programs by Speedcity Academy, you will receive:

  • Custom training programs with weekly training adjustments.
  • Weekly email communication with your coach on questions or concerns related to your training plan.
  • Programming which takes into account when you need to peak for competition.
  • This program is for any athlete competing individually or in team sports. For sports such as Athletics, Rugby League, AFL, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Soccer, etc.
  • An organised program centred around your other sports commitments, helping you have an edge on your opponent. All you have to do is let us know what other training you do for other sports and we will work and create a program to ensure you have the speed you need for any team sport.

Please note: payment is made on a per month basis. You will be invoice 30 days from the day you make your first monthly payment.

After subscribing, you will be contacted by us to provide the details about what type of training you need. From there, we will immediately get started on designing your program and get it sent to you as soon as possible!