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About Speedcity

Speed and Power are the bread and butter of most sports. There are so many get quick ‘quick’ schemes out there for speed training it gets harder to tell what really works.

Our training philosophy is all about speed and making sure we coach the athlete that’s right in front of us. We tailor make your program to the sport you play as well as your strengths and weaknesses. In order to be fast over a given distance, we must first make you fast from zero to ten metres and expand from there. 

Building speed requires strength, stability, balance and agility. … Sprinters need great stride length and stride frequency to improve their sprint times. With a strong core and lower body sprinters will produce more power to be explosive.

Speedcity Training was constructed by Founder and Director, Gregory Smith and is based upon his theories from years of training, mentorships, research and tried & tested methods from his hands on approach to coaching.

With over 30 years of experience with speed and power, Greg has developed a system to make an athlete faster, stronger and more explosive, whilst also ensuring a healthy and sustainable well being for each individual through his progressive training program.

Greg developed as a coach through his passion for speed and power and the sport of track & field.

Greg has worked with and developed many elite athletes who have participated in the major events. 

  1. 2012 London Olympics - Anthony Alozie (National Record) 4x100m
  2. 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games - Ruwan Gunasinghe (100m)
  3. 2015 Doha IPC World Championships - Taylor Doyle (Long Jump)
  4. 2016 Rio Paralympics Silver Medalist - Taylor Doyle (National Record)
  5. 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games Gold Medalist - Bendere Oboya (400m)
  6. 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist - Taylor Doyle (Long Jump), & Bendere Oboya (400m)
  7. 2018 Oceania Athletics Championships Vanuatu - Anas Abu Ganaba (100m & 200m), Jordan Sarmento (400m), Keegan Bell (400m), Monique Quirk (100m & 200m)
  8. 2019 Doha World Championships - Bendere Oboya (NSW Junior Record) (400m)
  9. 2019 Oceania Athletics Championships Townsville, QLD - Bendere Oboya (400m), Desleigh Owusu (Triple Jump), Monique Quirk (100m & 200m), Jessica Laurance (100m)
  10. 2020 Tokyo Olympics Qualifier - Bendere Oboya (400m)
  11. 2020 World U20 Qualifier Nairobi, Kenya - Monique Quirk (100m & 200m)
  12. 2021 World U20 Qualifier Nairobi, Kenya - Jessica Laurance (200m)
  13. 2021 World U20 Qualifier Cali, Columbia - Paige Campbell (400m)
  14. 2022 Oceania Athletics Championships Mackay, QLD - Sebastian Sultana (100m & 200m), Paige Campbell (400m), Raphaila Idris (Triple Jump)

Currently, Greg has 4 Athletics coaches being mentored under his tutelage and they manage a Junior Development Squad, Senior Development Squad and an Elite squad of a total of 60+ athletes based out at Blacktown (Western Sydney) International Sportspark. He is also currently consulting with other prep schools and teams in the Sydney metro area.

Speedcity Academy offers a range of services for athletes, coaches and teams wishing to improve their speed and power along with improving their athletic potential.