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Online, remote, and private group programs

Speedcity is now providing training online through private zoom sessions, online through coaching apps, as well as private group and team sessions face to face. We also will continue to provide do-it-yourself pre-built programs.

Pre-Built Programs

This winter, we are launching 3 distinct areas of our coaching and training programs. We will continue to expand on our pre-built athletics programs by adding some new pre-built programs for team sports. These do-it-yourself programs with help athletes in sports such as Rugby, Soccer, Netball, Tennis, Basketball and other sporting discipline. Those programs should start becoming available online in the next 24 hours. 


Team Training & Online Zoom Training

Along with our private athletics squad training, Speedcity will start to provide private training to groups, clubs, and teams. These 4, 8, or 12-week programs work on all the fundamentals to help you improve your speed and power. You will be able to book in up to 2 hours of training and pay for consistent training in 1, 2, or 3 months period. These sessions can be booked on days when we are available within the 7-day week. Contact us for more information. Also, we are providing online zoom sessions with Coach Greg privately. You book in a time, and Greg connect to you privately through zoom for a hour and gives you feedback throughout your training session. It's like your own private personal coach. Availability is limited so contact us. 


APP Coaching & Training Programs

The last program we are providing is access to our Speedcity coaching app. You will be able to purchase remote training specific to certain sports and access built in program available in our app. This also give you other services like communicating regularly with the coach and ability to add videos to receive feedback. And the coach will organise time to get in touch with you to talk about any issues or performance measures. These programs are available for you to purchase on a monthly basis. The longers you use the app, the more training workouts are provided. You can use the coaching app for your entire season. Any other questions, please contact us.