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Speedcity's Remote "In Person Coaching" and Training Program

Speedcity's Remote "In Person Coaching" and Training Program

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With in-person coaching with Speedcity Training, you get the most personalised and effective training option we offer. By working together in-person with your Speedcity coach, you can ensure that your time and energy spent training is effective and efficient. Enhance your technique, adjust training in the moment on a day to day basis, and maximise your potential with your own personal coach. With in-person coaching through Speedcity Training, you will receive:

  • In-person training with a Speedcity coach Up to 3 days per week, with additional workouts to be completed on off days.
  • Custom training programs with day to day and on the spot training adjustments.
  • Daily communication with your coach on training, technique, nutrition, and sport psychology.
  • Assistance in managing your offseason and competitive season.
  • Assistance in attaining sponsorship or endorsements, dependent upon your level of competition.
  • This program is for any athlete competing individually or in team sports. For sports such as Athletics, Rugby League, AFL, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Soccer, etc.

After subscribing, you will be contacted by us to provide the details about what type of training you need. From there, we will immediately get started on designing your program and get it sent to you as soon as possible!