Speedcity's Annual 200m Sprint Training Pre-built Program

Speedcity's Annual 200m Sprint Training Pre-built Program

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Get prepared for next season by taking advantage of your Winter, Spring & Summer training!

Here at Speedcity, we believe that you need to train year round to ensure that you are always progressing toward your ultimate goals.

Most athletes should take some time off during the off-season, but too much time off can lead to stagnation or a loss of athletic qualities. As such, a strength, power, and conditioning focused annual program is a great way for you to maintain and improve athletic qualities during the off season, preseason and competitive season without working so hard that you are burnt out by the time your season gets to the major championships.

In this program you will get:

  • 40 weeks of high quality training for the 200m dash.
  • Great balance of sprint training and strength training for building a base specific for sprinting performance.
  • Strength, power, and conditioning workouts.
  • A healthy balance of weight room and running workouts.
  • Enough training to get you ready for next season, but not so much that you are burnt out or over-trained by the time you get back to your major competition.

To be successful as a 200m dash sprinter, you need to be fast, strong, and powerful. Most of the time, athletes develop these qualities during in-season training, but then fail to maintain them over the summer or in the off season.

Instead of losing progress this off season, utilise this off season 200m dash training program by Speedcity to ensure that you are fully prepared for your next season of sprint training.