No Bend Over Policy

Bending Over Infractions

It is time for us to take ownership in our own decisions. It's time for us to become strong and leave the weaknesses behind. So, this offseason we will implement a "No Bend Over" policy for improving the level of our mentality and focus in training. Below are infractions that will occur if you or someone in your group bends over. 

  1. 1st Offence in Training, you and your entire group will "redo" the entire rep that was just completed. Then at the end of the session you and your group will have a 200m Bear crawls. (Lying down on the ground or on hands and knees will constitute an automatic end of your session and sent home)
  2. 2nd Offence in the same Training, you will be removed from the group and sent home immediately. The next time you come back to training, you will be put into the middle distance training until you can prove that you are mentally tough to come back to your normal group. 
  3. 3rd Offence in same training or it's the 3rd time you have been caught bending over in the same month, you will be suspended from training for one week. No negotiations.  


PLEASE NOTE: If you're sick and have to vomit, I suggest you go to the bathroom or try to get to a bathroom. Once your session is done, you can bend over or you can lay down. But there will be no bending over while there is still reps going on in your session. And the Bear crawls are your responsibility. if you leave the session without doing them they will double each day until completed. As teammates, it's best to encourage your group members to grab their drink and keep walking. The faster you train your body to do that, the more mentally stronger you will become.