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Speedcity provides coaching and customised training programs for athletes and enthusiasts who can self-motivate, have a solid base of experience, and those who simply need high quality guidance on what to do in their annual training program. For those who would benefit from personalised coaching or mentorship, you have the opportunity to be personally coached by Performance Director, Greg Smith whether this be remotely online or in-person.

Training programs and coaching available for the following sports & training disciplines:

  • Sprint Training – Prepare for and compete in the 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m races.
  • Speed Training – team sports acceleration and speed development, etc.
  • Footy Offseason Training – Develop the acceleration, agility, strength, and power to dominate off the mark for 30m, as well as develop the explosiveness to break through tackles and maintain your speed for two halves.
  • Speed Endurance Training – If you have issues maintaining speed or have issues staying on the court or field for long periods of time, we can prepare you for that level of intensity needed
  • Strength Training – Get as strong as you can, whether it be for you to compete in powerlifting or get stronger for your individual or team sport.
  • Fitness Training – Develop the physique you’ve always wanted with our fitness training.

Speedcity Coaching Options

  • Custom Programs
  • Remote Coaching

All custom programs will include video links to exercises which are exclusively available to Speedcity athletes & clients.

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  • Speedcity's Remote Coaching and Training Program
    Speedcity's Remote Coaching and Training Program
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  • Speedcity's Custom Coaching and Training Program
    Speedcity's Custom Coaching and Training Program
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